Смотрю Home Fires

Ideas come and go, stories stay. (c) Nassim Taleb
Много я всего пропустила в прошлом году - и сериалов, и фильмов. Сколько смогу, столько наверстаю.
Музыка великолепная:

I can see them talking but I only hear the voices in my head.
Waiting for the moment they'll be calling to me.
And if I try i'll remember all the words i've never said.
Only now the others will know meaning for me.

I see with wide open eyes of blindness
I leave the ever calling cries in silence.
Every place we go, we shouldn't go.
We see, we shouldn't see.
We know, we'll never know.
We'll go. Then all I want. All I see.
All I fear is waiting for me.

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