Ideas come and go, stories stay. (c) Nassim Taleb
Говоря о книгах, которые не надо переводить на русский, а стоит читать только в оригинале, вот хороший пример - «Город как Элис».

"You say you're English, dinky-die? All the way from England?"
She nodded. "That's right. Some of us have been out here for ten or fifteen years, but we're all English."
"And the kiddies - they all English too?"
"All of them," she said.
He smiled slowly. "I never thought the first time that I spoke to an English lady she'd be looking like you."
"You aren't exactly an oil painting yourself," Jean said.
"Take the whole bloody hub off for a dekko, 'n pull out the shaft from the diff. That makes a good show of dirty bits."
She said, "Gunso, where yasme tonight? Children must yasme. We see haedman about yasme and mishi?"
"No bloody fear," he said. "I'm a ringer."
She asked, "What's a ringer?"
"A stockman," he said.
That's about a hundred and ten miles south-west of the Springs."
She smiled. "Where's the Springs, then?"
"Alice," he said. "Alice Springs.
"There's only one good one for a woman," he said. "Alice Springs. Alice is a bonza place, oh my word. A girl's got everything in Alice - two picture houses, shops for everything, fruit, ice-cream, fresh milk, Eddie Maclean's swimming-pool, plenty of girls and young married women in the place, and nice houses to live in. Alice is a bonza town," he said, "but that's the only one.
He said, "Missa Harman, him up top end. Him find Missa Curtis, him leg broken. Missa Harman, him send me back fetch Missa Hope, him drive utility up top end, bring Missa Curtis down."

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